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SARDAR is a family owned business. Mr. Latif Sardar (Late) is the Chairman of the group. Sardar, have offices in Lahore (Pakistan), Karachi (Pakistan), India, China (Shandong / Zhejiang) United States, Hong Kong & Australia. We offer our services as Agents/Brokers for purchase of raw materials like yarns and Woven Fabrics.

Sardar corporation is one of the oldest and strongest agent company in Pakistan, established in the year 1952. The company was founded by our late chairman, Haji Latif Sardar Mohd Sheikh. From imports of man made fiber, we extended to the supply of Yarns and Fabrics to the Hosiery and Home Apparel industry globally. In the year 1979 our Hong kong office was established and year 1998 our USA office was established for providing the same sevices to our international customers.
With deep local roots and experience in both Yarns and Woven Fabrics and there productions, We have strong knowledge of the textile industry here in Pakistan. We enjoy close and cordial relationship with all the textile manufacturers, suppliers and buyers. Due to our long history of clean and straight forward working we have grown with this textile industry. This has given us a unique positions in the market place. We have 200+ Spinning and Weaving companies from different countries that are on our panel.

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